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Plant-based grooming products to hone your style.

At Topila, we’re changing the paradigm of men’s cosmetics. No longer will you be subjected to cosmetic tools that are loaded with chemicals, additives, and synthetic ingredients. We’ve done away with all that nonsense. The natural world has everything we need to highlight our musk for the world. All of our products are built with organic, plant-based ingredients that bring the power of the earth right into your styling cabinet. Get ready to unleash your manhood like never before.

Daily Facial MoisturizerDaily Facial Moisturizer


Need a powerful hydrating formula for your skin? We’ve got you covered. Topila’s premier facial moisturizer was built with all the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to stay hydrated throughout each day. The secret to our blend is Retinol, which is vitamin A in its purest form. This moisturizer will smooth out the texture of your skin and also keep it free of oils. It’s also loaded up with SPF 15 to keep you shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays.